Where did they go?

This a project that we hope inspires you to take aMoment in your life.

If you have the time, we’d very much appreciate a little email from you with a photo of where you have placed your aMoment.

Please email to: amomentmelbourne@gmail.com

12 Responses to Where did they go?

  1. Kate says:

    Hello there,
    I found a little forget me not teacup just outside the City Library! It really brightened my day so thank you! The teacup has now been relocated to my office but will soon be taken home to get some lovely sunshine.


  2. Lach says:

    I found #10 ( I think its #10)

    In Flinders lane this morning at 0800. It was in a corner looking lost so I have put it in the window in my office.

    Thank you.

  3. Andrew says:

    I found #37 at 0900

    It was just sitting there, in a little nook beside my office door. What a delight! I’ve shown everyone in my office and it’s now taken pride of place on my desk :)

    This is why I love Melbourne, this is why I love to work and play in the city. Whoever is responsible for nurturing this little piece of happiness, thank you, it’s very much appreciated :)


  4. Emma says:

    A colleague had found one on the way to work so I kept my eye out on the way to the train after work and found one tucked away near the corner of Spring street. It now has pride of place on the windowsill of my bedroom

  5. Michael says:

    Tucked away where I park my motorcycle – thriving on my desk at work overlooking the Treasury Gardens and all its cousins in the park…

  6. Scout says:

    I unfortunately don’t live in Melbourne but read the article about this in Frankie magazine and was overjoyed ( also a little dissapointed i didnt get to stumble upon one of this wonderful forget me not teacups)!! I’ve often stopped and noticed the little things in life and thought of doing something like this and im so happy there is other people out there doing this i think its fantastic there is nothing better then a small something to brighten your day! Thankyou so much for being the wonderful people you are and doing something small but amazing to brighten everyone’s day the world would be a much better brighter place if everyone was like you! Its brightened my world just knowing what your up to and inspired me to brighten others!

  7. Emily says:

    I work really close to where you were located on Monday. I am going to write a little blog on you now! aMoment is such a great way to brighten up people’s days and an opportunity for people in the city to share stories and connect.

  8. Found a note in a photo on the Free People website. Followed it here. Pinned it for others – because someone else must need this too (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/63402307229072062/). Thank you! Blessings… Polly

  9. Robert David says:

    Well here we are – 2017. Life has spun past at such a non reversible rate. In 2011 I happened by a “Take a Moment Tea Cup” in the morning city hustle on my way to work in Perth WA. The Rosemary has passed some time ago, replaced by two Red Poppies (Anzac Day Remembrance). Each day since Tea Cup # 46 and myself found each other, we have shared the same desk. Each day I am reminded – Life is Short. Each day I take a slow walk alone -(without mobile phone) – to enjoy, observe, consider and breath. Thank you.

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