Drop #5

100 golden frames. Flinders Lane. Melbourne. Tuesday 7 February 2012.
Photos: Kate Golding.

Have you found one?
Take it and go for a walk. Sometimes it’s good for life to stop…see the little things and all that.

Look for something you want to frame. Perhaps it’s a view of a tree. Perhaps a pattern on a wall. Or maybe a piece of street art you like.

Take off the tag and hang or stick it around what you see. That way, others will notice it too…

Click its number below and let us know it’s journey.

[psst. They all have numbers on the tag & written their backs.]

2 Responses to Drop #5

  1. orietta says:

    Found 85 and 98…don’t understand what this treasure-hunt is but it is lovely…I took them (asked the shop aside, but weren’t theirs)…want them back? Orietta

  2. aMoment says:

    Hi orietta.
    Thankyou for letting us know it’s a bit confusing. We’ve written some more things at the top of this page. Hopefully that will make things clearer.
    No. They’re yours!
    xx aMoment.

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