little aMoments

From time-to-time, i get inspired to do little things that aren’t a full “drop”…
xx aMoment

100 paper planes in London. 8 June 2012.

50 pieces of chalk in Edinburgh Garden, as part of Positive Parks Project. February 2012. Photos: Anna Griffith.


Edward St, October 2011




Along Lygon St, Brunswick. July 2011.


aManifesto for Four and a Half Walls

2 Responses to little aMoments

  1. ledwards22 says:

    oh i LOVE this whole concept! This is why I love Melbourne. I just got back from a girls holiday over there and fell in love with the City. I would love to bring this concept to Perth – any ideas? Want someone to collaborate with over here?
    Taking a moment is something very close to my heart, I constantly have to remind myself to live in the present – because life just passes you by before you know it. xxx

  2. aMoment says:

    hello there kindred spirit.
    We went to Perth once. Drop #3 in fact.
    We’re trying to work out a way to collaborate, but you know nothing stops you from grabbing some wool or chalk and doing some of these things yourself?
    xx aMoment

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