Drop #2

purple group

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5 Responses to purple group

  1. Chris Bond says:

    What a beautiful suprise Monday morning to find this little gift attached to the bike rack I part my bike on everyday. Lovely…

  2. Maria Abacan says:

    I found #47 stuck to a wall on Little Queens Street on the way to work this morning. Initially strange to find something on a wall, but when I read the message it added a brightness to my usual Monday morning. Great message, I will stick the message in another alley way for someone to pick up and read.

  3. Robyn says:

    these are absolutely beautiful and I wish that I too could find a moment, but alas i’m in the west.

    what you have done is very inspiring and reminds me a little of yoko ono’s wishing trees.

    best wishes for lots of moments

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