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Today’s moments: Cohens Place. Oct 10th.

An eager gentleman started at 8.01am. Then we had a long break. Inquisitive eyes, but few entries. A few lovely aMoment fans came by next. Their welcome smiles were most welcome. Particularly the one who crocheted for hours with us … Continue reading

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Tomorrow: Cohens Place.

We’ve decided to try something new and not make tomorrow so secret. So, are you in the city tomorrow? Or maybe one of your friends is. In which case tell them to take a moment here: We will be at … Continue reading

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Today. Day 1.

Today was up and down. Small, yet big. Interesting and full of insights. 100 smiles and waves. Only a few that ventured forth. Amazing interactions. Heartfelt thoughts. A variety of moments had at Southbank. When is our next day you … Continue reading

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