where are the aMoments?

Hello lovely readers of this little, little blog. Are you one of the people that found aMoment? Either a teacup or a hammock?

If you are, we would reeeeeally love a little snap of where you’ve popped your aMoment. Just take a pic with your mobile/camera/computer, send it to amomentmelbourne@gmail.com & we’ll do all the “post edit” stuff that we do with all our photos.

If you could.

That would be great.

Can we thank you in advance?

xx aMoment

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1 Response to where are the aMoments?

  1. Snake says:

    I just love this idea! I read about it just after a holiday in Melbourne where I’d been discovering all the lovely laneways and just after I started my eco blog. Such a wonderful idea to bring back that childish sense of wonderment!

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