Which aMoments have been found?

Kodi found #94 very early
Danica found #81 in a window
Russell saw a few but chose #10
Amanda found #63 in an unusual nook
Troy found #96
Karen found #5 & we found out where Westralia Place was
Tamara found #28 understands
Shaen found #23 while on a coffee run
David found #46 and wrote down some thoughts
Sandra found #89 plans to replant her rosemary
Scott found #31 & made us giggle with his poem
Mark found #92 and took our advice.
Debra found #30 and it was nice for a Monday
Ben found #34 and hopes the rosemary will spur his memory in general.
Leah found #74 and thinks we should do this again.
Erin found #25 and it made her a little happier.
Lorna found #35. That’s all.
Carol found #57 which now lives with some camels.
Treena found #40 & enjoyed some people watching.
Matt found #37 and had amoment with a stranger over it. This makes us smile!
#100 was found but left by Jo.
Charmaine found #60 after a discussion with her colleagues & seeing a fair few others.
#12 was found by Mr anonymous.
Kylie found #86 by the Cloisters.
Sue saw #23.
Simon found #70 (although we suspect it was actually a colleague of his!)

xx aMoment

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  1. Stitchybritt says:


    I love aMoment, and everything you do, so now I am passing the Versatile Blogger Award onto you! I blogged about it here http://stitchybritt.blogspot.com/2011/03/award.html


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