aMoment for Ai Weiwei.

Dear world,

I have been sick this week. And have not done a drop that I wanted to do before I left for a selfish overseas jaunt.

I had grand plans. Ambition even. And then the world knocked me over with the flu.

So here is what I put out to the world, and hope that maybe you will take a moment without finding aMoment.

I hope that there is no need for this drop when I get home.

xx aMoment

ps petition

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1 Response to aMoment for Ai Weiwei.

  1. Kirsty Hulm says:

    I think your project is simply wonderful- I found you through the Awesome Grant website…
    I just wanted to comment and say, having a holiday for yourself is not selfish! We all deserve to have our own adventures, especially when we spend as much time giving of our time to others, as you most certainly do.

    Have a fun and inspiring trip. And thankyou for the drop on Ai Wei Wei- let’s all hope that he is released soon


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