Have you found a frame?

Wow. Dropping aMoments is always a little risky. We never quite know what’s going to happen…We’re a little surprised that we only know where three went.

Maybe they were a bit too vague on their tag? Perhaps. So here is some clarification.

Sometimes we go for a walk and see nice little things that we’d like to point out to others. So. We thought what if we made 100 frames? What would others frame?

If you found one we thought maybe you’d take it for a walk and look for something you’d like to point out. Perhaps it’s a view of a tree. Perhaps a pattern on a wall. Or maybe a piece of street art.

Take off the tag and hang or stick it around the something special you see. That way, others will notice it too…

Then “claim” it here. And tell us about it’s journey…

that would be super lovely! xx aMoment

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