a dedication…

We’d like to dedicate drop #5 to a few people.

Firstly, awesome melbourne. Because without their support this drop would not be a-happening. Truly.

Secondly, we’d like to thank the 39 people that have donated to our Pozible fund:

Emily. Rachel. Mandi. Rick. Felicity. Anna. Gareth. Denise. Chris. Lee. Peter. Gregory. Britt. Claire. Sayraphim. Chris. Kate. Sarah (Jordan). Sarah (John). Kerry. Secret Envy. Tony. Lachlan. Lucy. Alex. Kirsty. Jo. Emma. Amanda. Catriona. Samantha. Beck. Jillian. Anna. Ingrid. Katherine. Tilley.

Thank you for being the first to back our project and believe in our idea. The support makes us feel confident about us, the project and the world in general (!) Sometimes it’s hard to believe in things, so thank you.

Everyone else….here are the links to comments from Wooly, Kaz, Danny & Anonymous. We hope to have more to send you shortly.

xx aMoment

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