Today’s moments: Cohens Place. Oct 10th.

An eager gentleman started at 8.01am.
Then we had a long break. Inquisitive eyes, but few entries.
A few lovely aMoment fans came by next.
Their welcome smiles were most welcome.
Particularly the one who crocheted for hours with us for Drop #2.
She brought a friend, who became quite silent.
A crowd of 50 children gathered close. Their giddy energy keen to peek through.
Their respect and awe for the caravan touched me, and for those that have experienced drop #6 will know that their faces peeking through was quite special for those inside…
A friend cried. I still don’t know if this was good or bad tears. Yes, there are both in drop #6.
Then a man in a suit was dared to enter by his larrikin friend.
His aMoment experience will last in my heart for ever.
A teenage girl stepped up next to enter. Her four friends looking on.
She soon was swept away by the work, and her friends realised this was something they wanted to experience too.
The typewriter started to get a little ill at this point. So they rummaged for pencils, so eager were they to write.
A few tourists. A quite woman.
A woman who didn’t understand english so well, but was determined to understand it. And did.
An open man took the step forward, and smiled with crinkles of joy at the end.
A friend gave aMoment their own a moment, then crawled inside and I think almost fell asleep.
Soon word had got around and the remaining few arrived with recommendations from friends.
And all the while we waved and smiled to dozens. Our “favourite” award goes to the man with white shoes who waved, then continued a-waving up high above a white van as he walked past…
And last but not least, a thank you to the two tradesmen who helped us wheel the caravan to the car. They thought it was a chook house.
We understood why.
With all those feathers it makes sense.

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*these are just a selection of shoes of people that entered. There were more.
We were just too busy enjoying waving…


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5 Responses to Today’s moments: Cohens Place. Oct 10th.

  1. Becca Tilley says:

    I so so so so so so SO wish I could come visit. Continue into December?

    • aMoment says:

      Hi Becca,
      If only we could do aMoment every day!
      Keep an eye here and on facebook to know what our plans are.

  2. Tony Adams says:

    a chook house …. love it!!!!

  3. lina says:

    it seems like i missed the messages saying Drop 6 was now exploring the city streets, ready for the city people to explore. are you still around? can I come visit?

    • aMoment says:

      Hi Lina,
      We’ll be back in Nov! Subscribe to the blog, Facebook or twitter to know where and when we’ll be…
      We’re a bit like taco truck: popping up in places & letting you know a few days in advance.
      Hope we stumble across you.

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