Day 3.

November, and spring has sprung while we’ve been absent.
Sunny smiles and golden light fell upon the caravan today.

First off we had some people approach with coffees in hand. “we thought we’d get you one…but we didn’t.”
Two from the nearby Education Department, sent a few colleagues.
Someone from Dumbo Feather.
A friend.
3 francophiles.
And, oddly, another two groups of French later on…
A lady on a white bike and a white helmet.
Someone who made us jump with an abrupt hello!
Then we persuaded someone with a T2 bag that he had to stop.
And was glad he did.
A man who’d been sitting in the park during his lunch break finally came and said hello.
Then some familiar ladies.
A woman who joked about wolves. Which we didn’t really understand. But think it had something to do with little red riding hood…
A 12 week baby, and her dad.
Someone who had just discovered us online the day before.
A series of children peeked inside.
A woman who changed her mind and returned for aMoment.
A career counsellor, who suggested we read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which we will….

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thank you Gordon Reserve, we will see you again on the 14th.
xx aMoment

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