Hot and sustainable.

It was a warm, warm, warm day at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery for the  3D Sustainable opening.

We were under a bridge. Which means we could take this photo.
Don’t we look cute?

from above

It was also a day of:
– hanging out with a grass cow, a nest, an insect motel, a ring of white chairs and many other interesting and beautiful sculptures. We cannot recommend the 3D Sustainable exhibition enough!
– a lady who had rushed past us once at Gordon Reserve, was happily able to see it this time.
– a child snuggling under the covers and refusing to leave.
– being able share the experience with miss Kate Golding, our photographer for the first and other drops. This was very important for us.- discovering this magic tea  Pink & bubbly goodness.
– setting a new record for capacity: a pregnant woman with THREE little ones crawled in with her brood.
…and us forgetting to mention there were pins. Oops.

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And for those maybe wondering why the sustainable living festival?
This is our Artist Statement:

aMoment for the future. Of twenty years ago, and twenty years ahead.
Who did we think we would be? Can we still change us, the world?

The caravan is made from 90% salvaged materials, fence pickets, an old trailer, doors, found paint, a friends’ mattress, an old sheet, ribbon from past projects and white trash found on the streets of Brunswick.
That spoon, straw, ipod will outlive us both.

If we all had aMoment maybe we’d make better decisions.
If we all had aMoment maybe the world would change for the better.
This work reminds us we are all responsible.
And not alone.

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