Teary visions

I had scary thoughts last night – that all the aMoments were taken in a drain down Little Bourke and sitting in a muddy pool on Elizabeth street. The rain is always needed in Melbourne, but it sounded a little too ferocious for the aMoment’s to survive!

However, I was pleasantly surprised as I braced myself to walk down the lane today…some were still up! And a lot had gone without a trace! Maybe they’d found homes before the rain!

I am going to hope this is the case :)

There are a still a few flower-less ones still around…they look like they’ve been crying though. Don’t let them have another cold night out…pass it on xx aMoment

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  1. Your project is lovely and captivating. You and the others have given such a simple gift of beauty. thank you. roxanne
    (if i lived there I would bring one home for my kitchen window!)

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