Lovely words

Look at all the lovely comments from people who found hammocks:

“What a wonderful way to start my day! Found #17 at the corner of Hardware Lane. My workmates have now started hunting for others…”

“We went on an adventure to find aMoment, after Ainsley mention it to us at work. We found #12 hanging on a light pole on Little Bourke St… It is now hanging round my neck, so I can capture as many moments in my day as possible.”

“#35 is hanging from the key of the filing cabinet in my office.”

“I found #47 stuck to a wall on Little Queens Street on the way to work this morning. Initially strange to find something on a wall, but when I read the message it added a brightness to my usual Monday morning. Great message, I will stick the message in another alley way for someone to pick up and read.”

“A lovely blue flower, #30, now decorating my desk at work. Thank you!”

“What a beautiful suprise Monday morning to find this little gift attached to the bike rack I part my bike on everyday. Lovely…”

“what a lovely find for an early monday morning start – i fear mondays, but it’s nice to have started with a lovely moment….now I’ll go place it (#90) someplace else for someone else to enjoy”

This makes us very happy. xx aMoment

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2 Responses to Lovely words

  1. robyn says:

    happy for the happiness you are sharing

    well done

  2. melisa says:

    Last saturday the 16th of October, my boyfriend and I went to the city to have a walk, first we found one on little Bourke st, but it didn’t have any written message, so I felt that I needed to leave it there… I have to confess it was a hard decision, so I took some pictures of it… After a while in the same Bourke st, we stopped for a coffee and found in a corner the #4 lucky one, this time I felt that it was mine!! so I took it and have it now hanging on the wall! It was a double 2moment! Thanks!

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