We want to go places.

We’d like to take the caravan to other places. Cities, towns and what not.
And so, we were hoping for a little help…
quotes please?












Just comment below or drop us a line…
xx aMoment

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3 Responses to We want to go places.

  1. Naomi says:

    Peace amongst the madness. Lets your mind relax and your thoughts flow. You may just surprise yourself with what you find withing you.

  2. John E says:

    aMoment was a beautiful reminder of where we have come from and an invitation to be still and dream and hope a little bit more…
    Very proud to have supported this project and hopes others are encouraged by it as I have been.
    John E

  3. johnephotography says:

    I am so proud to be supporting this art piece and privileged to have experienced it. To create a safe space for busy heads and heavy hearts is something that should be given the attention and support it deserves. The caravan time was just lovely and gentle and so worthwhile. Make time for your inner child. All the best. John E

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