Day 1 in sunny Wodonga.

The caravan is on it’s first proper tour! IMG_9153
We drove it up the Hume to sunny Wondonga, courtesy of The Cube.

Parked on high st.
We started with a little bump. Which is always a little tricky for us.
We forget sometimes that we’re sometimes vulnerable.
Which is good to remember, isn’t it?

Curiousity got the better of many. Peeking, stopping, asking questions.
The brave ones, as always, sitting ready.IMG_9156
A man was unsure for quite a while, but coaxed he did it. And visited us a few times during the day to see how we were going.
The manager of Westpac said “Welcome to Wodonga” and came to the rescue with some tissues for some tears.
Lots of children peeked in. We had time to let some pop in and have a look.
Two young girls did it together. The elder was quite affected I think. As aMoment whispered questions in her ear, she IMG_9149whispered answers back.
A woman needed us today. Sometimes it’s good to offer just a place for a few tears. She was quite special.
A mother returned with her children. And dad decided to have a go too.
Some fellas thought we were selling christmas raffle tickets. We aren’t.
A curious little boy took his two carers in. One had the word “brave” on her t-shirt. Her boy certainly was.
As are all who come inside the caravan…

xx aMoment

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