Day 2, Wodonga.


Between a library, an arts centre, children making bogong moths & badges we sat.
Next to a piano too. That matched us quite well.

“I will be an astronaut!” announced a little one after her moment.
A woman with flowers in her hair, quiet with a gentle smile on her lips.
An artist. A man with a paper. Who sat and chatted for a while.
IMG_9185Sam. The dog. Who was delightful. And matched our caravan.
A discussion about mistakes with a young girl.
Four little ones jumping in, the youngest of 2yrs climbing determinedly after them.
Two ladies having lunch across the road in a park came over after watching us for a while.
Laughing then becoming silent.
That happened a fair bit today – silence as people took their moment.
A man on a skateboard whizzed around us with questions. He brought us an apple and a water.
Isn’t that lovely?
He brought his sister and mother back too.
And, oddly, a fair few people forgetting to take their shoes, so “away” they were in their moment.
xx aMoment

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