Little Me Market, Day 3.

IMG_9191Yet another beautiful sunny day.
We sat on the corner of this little market.
Opposite some white lambs who liked to dance.
We heard the piano from yesterday burst into atmospheric tunes.
And watched items being gleefully purchased.
We were quite quiet. It was actually a bit odd, how quiet.

We think it might have been because people wanted to buy things.
IMG_9195Or maybe they didn’t trust were were free?
Or maybe because it was a Sunday people didn’t need “a moment” as much as usual….

Plenty of peeking. Of questions. But few moments of bravery stopping.
Two the bravest where two children. About 10. Their inquisitive eyes peering intently.
A lady with tea who has been following aMoment for years. We liked very much her rose & vanilla gift.
IMG_9199A woman returning to talk about the caravan. Showing us similar caravan stalls she’d seen up North.
A little two yr old with no words ran up to hold our hand and beamed up into our eyes.
A mum wanted her two year old to listen and share the experience with him. And the boy wanted his newly acquired pig balloon to listen and share the experience with it. His little hands later creeping out of the caravan once he was inside…
xx aMoment

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