Falling for The Village.

Our first big multi-day music festival!IMG_9551
What a beautiful set-up Falls is.
Forest to calm. Birds to wake us up.
And The Village for moments away from the fray.
Which was (of course) where we were.

There was lots of peeking. And patiently waiting.
Under a beautiful sculpture that we became quite attached to as we watched it ebb and flow with the wind.
We were visited by a blue bird each day.
IMG_9544Which was a bit perfect.
We admired sparkly socks, dotted faces and flowers hair rings.
We’ve never seen so many jellies and docs since the 90s.
Watched acrobats, biscuit readings, brass bands and costumes emerge out of a tent.

The first day we had a lot of quiet exits.
But the words written were quite amazing.
The second people wanted to ask and talk about it.
One boy even returned to be shown how to use the typewriter as he wanted to write so much.
IMG_9608In the evening we were a little nervous. But there was no need. We had quite a few hugs, laughs and even helped a (mock) proposal happen.
And on the last day we had all these people being sent to us by their friends.
Which let us know that it had been a success.
A favourite even.

Thank you Village. And Falls. For letting us come play.
xx aMoment

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