aMoment in Parra.

Our debut in Sydney. IMG_9828
Along a little river with ducks.
Stumbled upon by those at the Sydney Festival Parra Opening Party.
We found a nest as we arrived, and rather perfectly it has white objects within.
We thought it a good omen.

We began. And children flocked quite fast.
“I think she’s a bird” one boy whispered as he heard a hello.
There were so many patient children.
Of note: a girl with silver party shoes, one with curly red hair, another of Indian descent and a thoughtful American girl who told me she “was just watching”.

IMG_9830We stopped to watch ukelele’s played by 4 boys of about 12 and a trumpeting girl of about 10.
They delighted their audience, and wowed me with their self-written lyrics.
Some boys even got up to dance. That was a lovely moment.

We smelt the wet river.
And the smoke of pyrotechnics as Box Wars took place.
And we felt like Shaun Tan’s water buffalo as we pointed out to many where the giant duck was.

We got a little overwhelmed by the crowd.
It’s hard when things begin to get noisy for our lady in white to stay calm.
But she kept going.
And learnt that clear queues are quite vital.

We had the quiet. And the loud enter.
Many children clung onto their parent’s hand.
Two children even brought back their other parent and insisted they have aMoment too.

But the two that stole our heart were a mother and child who perservered with their letter writing. And when we realised the typewriter had eaten their note.
They wrote it by hand.
And we shed a tear….

fave note

Thank you Parra. You were quite the challenge, but also quite amazing.
xx aMoment

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