Summersalt-ed to our own reflection.

And out into 2015 we begin. IMG_0023_2
In Southbank. Where we started, actually.
It’s been 2.5 years since the caravan had it’s first outing.
I am no longer 28 actually.
But I like that this work has frozen me and this moment in time.

And it still resonates.
Tears were plentiful this weekend.IMG_0053_2
“I haven’t been to that part of myself for years”
Eyes searching.
Hearts crunching.

Sitting across from a Rhino on Saturday.
Along the river on Sunday.
A three year old runs around the caravan two, three times.
While his dad tries to imagine him at age 23.
Some stumble across us.IMG_0062_2
Few are brave.

We have a little home next to us.
These little houses spread across Melbourne remind us of Drop #1. That was even longer ago…

It’s the slowness we see.
The conversations.
The friends that stop.
The parents.IMG_0017_2
The children.
The odd person alone.

“Will the caravan exist in 20 years?” an 8 year old who would be 28  asked.

We hope we are.
We hope indeed.

xx aMoment

you can catch us over the next couple of weekends at Summersalt Festival too.

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