Very late but here at last.

We had a few technology hiccups, then got busy on other things.
And so we apologise for writing this post almost a month after it happenned.
Another two days at Summersalt. By the river.

The 14th. IMG_0089
Surrounded by cricketing fans unerring on their path.
Despite waves and smiles.
It was the couples walking against the swarm that stopped.
Hand in hand.
Sharing their aMoment.

A group of four girls were very inquisitive.
Three sat and chatted and laughed in the shade of the tree.
While one was brave and ventured inside.
IMG_0086 “She can tell us what it’s all about afterwards” they told me …

And the couples continued….
“Make sure he does it too” we were instructed via whisper.
A mother and daughter wearing beautiful skirts.
A woman pondering under a tree post-amoment gracefully laughed when she realised she’d become the object of a clown troupe’s attention.

And lastly, a Dad with big lace up boots and his bright eyed, golden haired children. They IMG_0114emerged, unfolding their limbs and smiling their smiles thanking us.
“my wife would love this”

Happy Valentines Day little caravan.

And then the 21st:
A lady from Chile who is becoming a citizen.
A woman with a paua she plans to necklace.
Patchwork boots belonging to a friend.
A poodle.
A lady with a blue top who likes wild art.IMG_0112
Leggings with records on them.
A big back pack belonging to a man who told us as a child he tried to play the drums, but it wasn’t his forte…

And then it rained.
Poured really. For a while.
Its the first time in two years we’ve had rain beyond a spit.
We’ve been pretty lucky that way.
But we did learn our tarp is a gem!
“its funny how there is a common theme in the notes about happiness and love for the future, and that we forget that in our day to day…”
“That’s just what I needed” as a lady stopped on her way to work.
“I wish I’d done this earlier so that I could have told my friends”

Until next time, world.
See you again soon.

xx aMoment.

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