Perth’s Day 1.

Fringe World. What a Buzz.img_0361
This whole city appears to be in a good mood.
Shining sun. Sunset approaching.
Our first few hours were mighty beautiful.
And busy!
Plenty of children peeping inside.
And patience. Lots of patience.
Adults and children waiting together.
The adult often semi-bullied into waiting…but usually pleasantly surprised by their moment.img_0371
We love to watch a dad typing out their child’s words.
Bubble, a maybe 5 year old, introduced herself.
Named by her brother: a most determined attendee.
A maybe 8 year old’s dress matched our caravan.
And another girl dressed in pink, carefully persevered with the typewriter all on her ownsome.
A dear friend. And his friend. Warmth exuding.
A child echoed the girl’s intonation when she said “What shall we write?” which made us time travel and pause.
A father and daughter leant together while waiting for the rest.
And then the eve shifted. img_0390
The sun tucked itself into bed & people began stumbling across us.
A woman with pixie blue hair.
A woman with dry eyes held onto the moments.
A theatre friend paused and contemplated. And contemplated. And paused. And hugged.
And a man, who was most affected this eve I think, dried his eyes and asked to keep his moment. I hope he finds this and finds his in the archive.
Thank you Perth. Day 1 made us feel very glad we are back.
Xx aMoment

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