Perth’s Day 2

We started with a few familiar faces.img_0402
And an adventurous baby with a tee saying “roar!”.
A beautiful couple sat and waited quietly.
A girl with a long brown pony-tail who reflected me as an 8 yr old.
A man stopped in his tracks with his 6 month old. And we gratefully got a baby squeeze.
Two dogs visited. One stayed and demanded pats from strangers.
The sky was a beautiful blue, and the coolness of the eve relaxed everyone.img_0414
We spied another lady in white in the distance. Performing in a cheeky manner.
An articulate girl who ran urgently to performers passing by just to tell them she thought their costumes were cool.
An Irish guardian dragged into the caravan. But I think he was glad. His partner was touched too I think.
Parents really were today.
A little mouse hat visited.
And a brother and sister shared moment made us smile.
A strong hand hold from a lovely wide eyed man with curly wild hair.
And tears from a red-lipped friend.img_0415
A (real!) spider revealed himself from the feathers of the caravan and decided to move his home to further afield. Leaving his silky thread behind. I wonder how long the caravan had been his cosy home….
A lady with a name meaning “dream” needed an unexpected moment we think.
Thank you for the moments so far Perth. xx

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