Perth’s Day 3

A Tuesday.
After Monday’s day-off the artists and staff of fringe looked all Fresh.img_0446
Apart from some Blue Room staff – who we’d just like to do a shout out for doing all that they do for Summer Nights’ artists. Much. Love.
A few visitors post-work who were very welcome.
Two banana dressed ladies at different times. Both vivid.
A woman entered after her two children and needed a tissue at the end.
A singing gypsy with a jangling silver necklace had a play and remembered her past selves.
A couple unsure, but so glad they did stop in the end.
An elongated limbed inspirational friend with a beautiful smile folded himself elegantly into the caravan. We are so glad he made it.
A hug from a woman who laughed with surprise when she saw what was in the caravan.
Thank you we said, thank you for creating it a woman said.
We noticed the clock at PICA stopped at 6.35pm, which is when we changed performers.
A man patient, curious and warm pondered at the caravan for a while. We’re glad he came back later to experience it.
A man flipped off his “flintstones” which we thought was his name for flip flops. No, they had flintstones on them.
Three ladies, one brave, the other kind the last concerned and chose not to enter. I wish I’d been able to convince her.
A woman wriggled with excitement that she’d made it to the caravan after reading about it.
“Best 10 minutes I’ve had all day, all week, all month.” said a man.
Which brought a smile to our face.
See you for three more days Perth.
xx aMoment

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