Perth’s Day 5

We had a wee hitch this day. It’s only happened twice.
And someone was able to save us. Phew.
No matter how many times we do the caravan, it’s always easy to forget something.
The first two were patient, calm and keen. They ate their dips and embraced their aMoment.
A head-scarfed Mama came to visit & left with smiles and giggles.
A lovely rainbow socked gent came and transferred henna from his leg onto a note for the caravan.
Two friends I’ve known for years. One for twenty even.
A jewelled eyebrowed lady.
Another that required glasses.
Someone semi-pushed into attending by their girlfriend.
A lady in blue and white with kind eyes.
We listened to a ukulele and it made our ears smile.
A man raved about a musical improvisation show with such vigour as his partner took aMoment.
A daughter dropped her mum off for aMoment. She was wary but delighted.
A few cheeky waves to little ones passing and peeking. Including a special pup called Holly.
A dapper man of orange and blue who revealed a smile.
A woman let her ice cream melt to listen better. She gave me a big hug afterwards and said:
“Don’t worry. I’m 48 and it’s wonderful.”
The best.
xx aMoment

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I’m the one who semi-pushed my girlfriend into giving it a go … she was totally delighted and even more delighted today when she discovered your note … I saw you place it under the velcro on her shoe and wondered when she’d find … well … it took a few days but totally lifted her into a place of wonder and 8 year old remembering … Thank you

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