Perth’s Day 6.

Our last day. 
A humid day.
A pair of cousins in thongs sat side by side and typed together.
A family rotated gelato from-abovewith ipods in having their aMoments.
A stripey black-suited beauty gave a big squeeze at the end.
A pair: one with purple, one with plaited hair.
We squished in a family of three, with many smiles.
A friend visited and told me it was too sad before she entered. She agreed it wasn’t so sad afterwards. Phew.
Impressed by a child sporting ugg-boots in the heat. She must love them.
I could hear fireworks. But not see them. They must have been for the Lunar New Year…
The sky turned pink and wanted to rain. Only a few fat drops fell. Much to our relief.
A single teen defied her pack and stopped for aMoment.
Two rushing ladies gamble their time when they hear it’s our last night. I think they’re glad they did.
A lady in white rushed, but still smiled.umbrella
And a lovely woman confessed she could vividly remember being 8 herself and trying to envisage herself in 20 years time.
And finally an umbrella was held by a friend as the last audience member had her aMoment.
Thank you Perth.
There were many of you.
We’ve now read all your notes. All 228.
And had our aMoment being stopped by them.
You reminded us why this work should keep going.
Hope to see you again. Soon.
xx aMoment

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