Day 1: Mandurah

On the harbour. Looking out. 

As Stretch Festival stretches across the arts precinct.
Markets, music, joeys, possum hats, cupcakes, designer fashion and little installations potted in the nooks.

We’re near the bridge.
We watch pelicans and ducks.
The fresh water tingling our skin.

It’s slow to start. But then.

A henna-handed lady arrives and is the first, eager to enter.
A daughter sits on her Dad’s knee while they share a moment. He’s so moved that he then repeats with his other daughter.
It’s the men today who were most touched.
A few dads.
A group of 11 teens on scooters arrive loudly, but leave quietly.

A determined boy hops out of his wheelchair.
And another tells me about his necklace from Bali.
A man in green surprised and states “I need to send my mate to this.”

It was also a day of dogs.
One with blue and brown eyes.
And another one. Grumpy.
They meet and sniff.

They rule this town we think.

A long essay from a shy girl.
And a patient wait from a red-head beauty.

And all the while we’re next to a megaphone.
Spouting children’s words about all sorts.
But it’s their words about love. In all it forms.
That reminds us why we made this work.

xx aMoment

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