Day 4: Mandurah

A very quiet day.
A day of waves and smiles and conversations.
But few stopping.
Which always makes us a little sad.
Sad that people don’t have space in their lives to stop.
But it’s also the weather.
And, well, life.
We know.

We start the day with watching 7 pelicans flying above. So far yet still so big.
They are amazing birds.
The MPAC ducks are still there.
Just the two of them.

A lady shares an ice cream on a nearby bench. Then curiosity gets the better of her and she says hello. She types her note perched – experiencing the caravan despite a sore hip.
A mother and her 4yr old monster share a moment. He is truly brave to be only wearing a monster tee in this wind.
Two council friends in warm boots stop by. One forms tears. One talks of the Mandurah bridge. We love learning about Mandurah.
A to-be actress and her parents um and ah about entering but decide not.

We wave at 1, 2, 50, 100 people today.
And smile.
The small moments keep us going.

xx aMoment


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