Day 5: Mandurah

Today is delightful.  It’s sunny.
We’ve moved to grass.
And we have more moments.

A mother beelines her teen to have aMoment, having experienced it herself earlier this week. She’s off school to get her P-plates. A good day to we think.
Someone we have waved consistently to over the last 4 days finally stops.
“I just had to know what it is!” he explained.
This is also the case of a girl who has circled us a few times:
“Curiosity got the better of me” she says.

Another two ladies bring a friend along, their interest piqued on Sunday at Stretch Festival.
We and they are glad they returned.
“I set an alarm at 11am every day to remind myself to be grateful and say thanks”.

A five month old pup called Archie visits and we fall in love.
The delight of a puppy. Such curiosity. Such openness.
I wish humans could be like that all the time.

Autumn is here. You can see it in the leaves.
A baby waves them like wings while her parents each have their moment.

A girl with autism comes with her carer.
She wants her note to be private. We ensure it is.
Her carer is surprised she engaged so well.
We know it’s just about having a private space…or at least we think it is.

A woman in blue magnetised to the caravan.
She appeared in a reverie from the first note.

Today is for the curious.
Thank you curious ones.
May you always be.

xx aMoment



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