Victoria Park: Day 2

It was just breaking day when we arrived at the Farmers Markets .
A cold and fresh morning.
Grateful for the plentiful coffee & baked goods for breakfast!

Two men were first up. New to Vic Park & keen to explore their new local market.
Then a bearded dad with kind eyes & his mermaid daughter.
Their bond strong and caring.
A mum and daughter who confidently found us.
And a peer, who wrote a very touching note.

A boy left his three family members  to do do some community good (but later returned).
Each of them seemed to enjoy their moment.
Despite some tears.I was blown some kisses from a small non-attendee.
And another special small one danced with me while her Dad and rabbit took their moment.

Dozens of golden marigolds in white paper passed by…
Ready to find their new homes.
A weary & very still bee decided to hang on my shoulder for about an hour.
While I pet dog after dog.
We decided the best of events have children, dogs and plants together!

A concentrating girl in a pink dress with a mum that listened to her kindly.
A woman who gave me such a big hug and thanks.
An english mum and her two wriggling girls who calmed and listened once the music began.
And a toddler mother who tried repeatedly to have her moment, finally managed to make it happen.

Some people were sent by word of mouth.
And others curious by the queue.

A man who’d watched us all day gave us some jam as a gift.
And a curious boy dragged his dad inside while his siblings jealously peeked.
And then two girls, who mesmerised by the typewriter wrote essays upon it.

Thank you Vic Park for a beautiful season.
Your notes are a-ready to read too.
You thought & felt deep.
Thank. You.
xx aMoment

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3 Responses to Victoria Park: Day 2

  1. Nigel Desebrock says:

    Hello Pooch, great post – what a fascinating range of mums, dads, children and others you are engaging with. Much love, Dad

  2. sete100 says:

    Thank you for a lovely day that began with your lovely gorgeous work!

    Take care! :)

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