Victoria Park: Day 1.

It’s been far too long between outings!
As soon as we arrived there were nosy noses opening & shutting & peeking.
Two little ones, particularly, loitering from across the road in anticipation.
As soon as the mask was on, they appeared with their dad ready to discover what this was all about.
The birds tweeted us a welcome as we sat under the beautiful tree.
A special friend was next. He stood awkwardly waiting but I think found his moment. I hope so.
Followed by another friend. Who, like many-an-empath found herself unexpectedly moved to tears.
An impatient toddler beamed at entering, but it was hard for her to leave.
I coaxed her out with a shoe discovery.
The lady who made our Vic Park visit a-happen finally got to see what she’d programmed.
And the autumn leaves fell all a-while.

Then a pause and some chats with locals, keen to talk but not stop for aMoment.
A beautiful dog wanted some love, but was disconcerted by the mask. Fair enough.
The umbrellas became useful as the blankets of water fell from the sky.

A man from the north, used to desert and spinifex, stopped to listen.
All a-while taking his moment smoking.
He made me ponder if people have lost routine big-thinking moments with the quitting of this (albeit unhealthy) tradition?

A Freo woman, open to a new experience found her moment poignant I think.
Then another independent woman with a European accent found time for her moment.
It’s women like these two that I want to grow up to be.

A cocky screeched.
And I was handed watermelon by a passing stranger.

I fell for a patient child with monster socks.
While another gave me a double thumbs up.
And a girl of about 9 broke my heart a little, hearing her moment had made her worry about her future…
An unexpected but realistic outcome to giving moments to sensitive beings at that age.

A woman returned 3 hours later with her grandson.
He was scared of what was inside. A person? A magic trick? Something scary?
His relief beamed far.

And sometimes we come across someone who just “fits” the caravan somehow.
Our last visitor was just this type.
Be brave we both said. Be brave.

xx aMoment

Ps. you will find us at Victoria Park Farmers Market next Sunday for Day 2 of 2. Let those that need moments know. xx

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