Carriageworks Day 1


Look at us!! Look how fancy we look under theatre lights and a black box!
Tucked away in Track 12 we are sitting as part of Sydney Festival.
And my, oh, my how beautiful it is to be there.
Next to a huge door, overlooking the architecture of Carriageworks.
With a cool summer breeze that slips all into a reverie.
Our space is quiet. Meditative. And oh, so, perfect for aMoment.


As has become a tradition at Sydney Festival, we were accidentally welcomed with something white. This time, a balloon that must have escaped the hand of a child in The Piper we think…

We started slowly. Most determined to sit and wait and enter.
Which always makes us happy.
A lady gave us a hug early on. She must have needed us.
Two of our special friends popped in.
And a complete family waited patiently. Their eldest son I think was a little worried about going alone. I hope he enjoyed it.
moonWe learnt that people with hearing aids can still do the experience. And he found it “very meditative.”
A man with olive skin and a deepness within.
A woman who’d been walking, walking, walking. Who was flustered about many-a-thing and I hope found her moment.
And lastly a couple. Who were exploring, and found us.
And we watched the window and light move through twilight.
And two pigeons, pose in various nooks of the building across.
And felt that beautiful breeze that took us back to childhood.
But watching the moon rise.
Having the time to watch the moon rise.
Was quite something.

xx aMoment

ps we’re here the whole weekend. pass it on. xx

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