Carriageworks Day 2.

We opened a little early by accident today. IMG_9991
But I’m glad we did.
As a family found us. And the daughter particularly was intrigued.
I think she liked it. Or at least, it made her feel something.
There was then a fairly long queue. And this always makes me nervous.
Because expectations always rise when there is a queue.
But the breeze of yesterday kept visiting us.
And I think those that sat were happy to just be away from the fray for a little.
Lots of lovely women in lovely dresses.
And shoes. Mucho shoe envy today.
We were visited by a friend we thought was still in Russia, which made our heart stop a little with surprise!IMG_9938
She had aMoment the very first or second day we existed. So it was very lovely to see her and for her to usher her friend into the queue.
A european man wasn’t going to sit and wait, but then became so intrigued he waited for us while we had our break.
A warm and kind theatre person came. He’s been lovely to us while we’ve been here at Carriageworks. We were very glad to share it with him.
A girl in her early twenties stumbled upon us and, although unsure at first, was thrilled to have happened upon us. I think she needed us today.
And the sun began to set.
And we ended our very full day.
Tomorrow is our last…
xx aMoment

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2 Responses to Carriageworks Day 2.

  1. Riley says:

    I don’t know if I was her, but I know I needed you on Saturday. I hope you know how much joy your little moment brought me. If you’d like, I wrote about it here. Thank you, again.

  2. aMoment says:

    Dear Riley,
    I think you were the girl :) And your little blog was so lovely to read.
    It is heartening to know that a little time in our caravan can ripple into reality and words, and thoughts, and other readers.
    Thank you for sharing xx aMoment

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