Carriageworks Day 3. (& goodbye sydney)

IMG_0009Before I tell you about aMoment. I want to tell you about our own moment  as we sat drinking coffee at carriageworks.
Opportunistic like I’ve never seen, a black lab of some mixed breeding waited at the glass doors.
He panted, grinning through the glass and looked like he was looking for his owners.
But I don’t think he was.
I think he wanted bacon.
As he somehow snuck in quietly.
Not once, but a few times.
Sitting next to, or following some stranger before someone shooed him outside.
He never stopped grinning.IMG_0036
And he never stopped trying.
I think this was what I needed to see this morning…

Today we missed the breeze.
Weather changes.
And so did the space without our lovely trickle of air.
There was a little wait for many visitors today.
And a few children. Ones that were quite insightful too: determined to go inside.
And one that was the most curious I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Full of questions, she patiently waited for the answers to reveal themselves.
IMG_0028We noticed a pair of thongs that didn’t quite match.
And peculiarly several people today asked about cleanliness of earphones (we DO clean them. promise.)
We met a  girl that matched our caravan. And had the most beautiful head piece we’d ever seen. She got it at So Frenchy So Chic. Perfect.
Our view out into the real world was quite picturesque today, framing people as they lay down, waited or played.
Lastly today a special family came. They’d seen us at Parramatta & were delighted to stumble across us again.
IMG_0017Gabriel (the son) took his time with his mum lying in the caravan…I was very glad noone waiting behind them, allowing them to take their time.

And now the caravan is on it’s way home.
Full of new words of wisdom, insight, humour and advice.
We cannot wait to read and share them.

Remember to look for them here * in February.
It will take a little while…
But Sydney, you were full of amazing people.
And I know these notes will be something a bit special.

xx aMoment

*the password is the age of the girl in the white dress…can you remember?

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