We heart brunswick.

Set up on Sydney Road. Sunny from above and around.photo 5
Our home.
Here we were.
Just a few blocks from where our caravan was built, tucked a little bit in Merri St.
As the Sydney Road Festival kicked along in fine form.

Costumes galore.
Mini kites.
Our friends & community on stages.
Walking the street.
Painting faces.
And trawling the wears.

Peekers galore. (Mobbed might be the accurate description!)
The special stopping.
A woman with green glasses.
A man in a kilt.
Sparkles. Feathers. Costumes.
People with painted faces by children.
Dogs. And pats. And circles round the caravan.
Plenty of questions:
“Is this art?”
“Why a typewriter?”
“Is the person in there real? Oh yeah, she just moved.”
“Why aren’t people stopping? Why only taking photos? That’s not a moment!”
“Is it a dog massage parlour?”

But amidst the fun. There was the quiet.
The pensive.
The nostalgic.
The emotive responses.

Because that’s what aMoment does.

See you again soon Brunswick xx aMoment

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