Hello Coburg.

IMG_0801Today we visited Coburg.
And my it was lovely.
It’s part of a little 3-day adventure we’re having in Moreland.
The mall in Coburg is a-wash with people from all walks of life.
But the thing they all have in common is: friendliness & curiosity.

I talked with an  Italian man for half an hour about nursing homes and growing old.
I lifted many-a-child from their pram into the caravan. IMG_0804
Two woman with three kids each, determined to experience it for themselves, as their toddlers stared in a gaze outside.
Two women in hijabs entered. We are so glad they felt welcome.
A few artists. A few council staff. Many a dazed exits.
Oh, and a koala up a tree.

One 5 yr old took my breathe away with his introspection. As he listened to the first track his eyes widened and I could see it was affecting him. IMG_0816
I think it may have been too much for him. His sensitivity aware of a sadness in the caravan.

Not many shoes were left outside. The coldness keeping them on.
It’s funny how that sometimes happens. It means there aren’t many to share.

Monday we are at Glenroy. We hope you stumble upon us.

xx aMoment

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