Day 6: Mandurah

Our last day in Mandurah.
We’re so lucky to share moments with strangers.
And today was particularly special.
It began with a girl with bells in her hair.
And ended with an inquisitive man.

Two school children were selected by trust-friendly teachers while their class wandered a bit further on.
Then, a daughter did not want to enter.
After a good amount of cajoling by her mother, she agreed.
Delighted by her moment she even convinced a curious passer-by to be our next audience.

A concerned City of Mandurah workee was worried about getting us wet.
We talked a while and he found time for a moment.

A group of 19yr old boys approached. One is brave and indicated to his friends to be quiet.
His experience was passed on to them
“it was actually really good”
“really important for you guys”
“a changed man.”
Our heart swelled.

A japanese woman, her daughter and Momo the deaf blue heeler visited.
We have a chat about japan, and life here and moments.

A wise man in a 9 yr old’s body attended with his Mum.
He speaks with surety and insight. “Thank you. I really needed that moment” he tells me.
His mum, strong and warm turns to me later and
explains he’s a bit different to most kids – and thus home schooled. She was grateful for his moment too:
“It took me a while to realise how special I am.”
And our heart swelled for the second time.

A man spied and questioned what we were.
“Philosophical?” he asked.
Kind of, we said.
He walks away. Then with purpose returns.
He’s a thinker, we think.

And that’s the end of our time in Mandurah.
We’re gone. We’re done.
114 notes written.
Will always be there to be read.
Deciphered. Remembered. Reminded.
Thank you Mandurah.

xx aMoment

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