Margaret River: Day 1

Books + trees + beaches. Sounds like our kind of nook. As part of the Margaret River Arts Festival.
Under a beautiful forrest artwork by Tony Pankiw.
And across from a silver caravan. With succulents.
With readers and writers entering the caravan.
What a match.

It began with a mother and her yellow flowery daughter.
Then a photographer. And another. And another.A white-

haired couple chose to share their moment together.
We were worried they wouldn’t enjoy it as much. We shouldn’t have.
A marvel of a girl with an old soul says thank you. And returns later to have another moment. She brings her mother this time, who is hesitant, but then insists her son does it too.

The rain sprinkles.A lady in red boots takes refuge in the caravan. “I could have stayed all day” she said.
A lady in black types with energy and pace. We love the sound.
A man in a white suit and blue stars sang.
And people gather, peeking and pondering at lunch time wondering what we are.

A woman remarks “that sounds just like my grand daughter” as she began her moment.
We’re visited by a giraffe.
We learn from her flyer that giraffes “have the biggest heart of any land animal and it has a top down view of what’s going on.”
Now you have too.

The afternoon continues with lots of vistors having been sent by others.
And a rave fro Isablle Li.
A seagull child with chips and a sticker that makes my heart swell. He enters with his mother. Then later his gran. It’s hard to remove him.

The man in stars returned, asking if his note was magic.
He had a plan. For Kerry O’Brien.
We wonder if it worked.

A moment of respite for the festival’s director – we’re always happy if they can make time for us.

Then a girl in checks who teared up.
And another woman too.
It was odd that it was only at the end that we saw tears.
And finally a strong woman in a mobility chair arrived.
The caravan isn’t the most accessible – but we try and make it happen for anyone in some way.

We think she got something. We think.

xx aMoment

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We loved having you and enjoyed your wee caravan so much thank you ❤️

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