Margaret River: Day 2

What a blue sky! What a buzz at the festival.You could almost hear brains expanding as difficult subjects were wrestled with in and out of the lecture theatre.
We, however, were for the quiet moments.
The place to escape.

Our first visitor was exactly this. An organiser of the festival, she wanted a quiet moment before the day began.
A wandering man who happened to be passing asked if he was allowed.
Everyone is allowed a moment we thought.
A hug from a girl who recommended us a book.
A curious daughter & inquisitive mother.
A quiet boy who’s softly spoken stops working to have a moment.

A puppy (finally) comes by for a pat.
So few have reached us.
We’re used to giving lots of pats.
Our main visitor has been bees and wasps.
They seem to be very healthy in Margaret River.
And attracted to white!

A family of four escaping Melbourne’s winter have a moment in sunshine.
Broome for them next.
We whisper to the caravan maybe that should be our next visit?

Some freshly new Australian citizens took time for a moment each.
A man with pool floats and quite a story of healing warmed us a bit.
Alas, no glasses! So a pause to find them in the car and then returned.
He hoped for a moment of meditation.”Reflective” is what he called it.

Six children arrive with such energy!It takes a little while for them to settle and be.
But once they are – I know they’ll enjoy their moment.

Two best friends hold hands as they listen.
A woman says she’s what she needed, what she was looking for today.
An older couple smiled and reminded me of young love and mischief.A woman snuck in just as we were considering packing up after a slow while.
We’re glad she did.

A 10 year old made a point of telling me goodbye as she left.
“I loved your caravan,” she said.
There certainly have been some wise younger ones at this festival.

Between them.
And a festival inviting discussion about the big things.
It was a hopeful weekend.

Thank you Margaret River.
We hope to see you again sometime.

xx aMoment

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