Day 1: Mandurah

On the harbour. Looking out. 

As Stretch Festival stretches across the arts precinct.
Markets, music, joeys, possum hats, cupcakes, designer fashion and little installations potted in the nooks.

We’re near the bridge.
We watch pelicans and ducks.
The fresh water tingling our skin.

It’s slow to start. But then.

A henna-handed lady arrives and is the first, eager to enter.
A daughter sits on her Dad’s knee while they share a moment. He’s so moved that he then repeats with his other daughter.
It’s the men today who were most touched.
A few dads.
A group of 11 teens on scooters arrive loudly, but leave quietly.

A determined boy hops out of his wheelchair.
And another tells me about his necklace from Bali.
A man in green surprised and states “I need to send my mate to this.”

It was also a day of dogs.
One with blue and brown eyes.
And another one. Grumpy.
They meet and sniff.

They rule this town we think.

A long essay from a shy girl.
And a patient wait from a red-head beauty.

And all the while we’re next to a megaphone.
Spouting children’s words about all sorts.
But it’s their words about love. In all it forms.
That reminds us why we made this work.

xx aMoment

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Perth’s Day 6.

Our last day. 
A humid day.
A pair of cousins in thongs sat side by side and typed together.
A family rotated gelato from-abovewith ipods in having their aMoments.
A stripey black-suited beauty gave a big squeeze at the end.
A pair: one with purple, one with plaited hair.
We squished in a family of three, with many smiles.
A friend visited and told me it was too sad before she entered. She agreed it wasn’t so sad afterwards. Phew.
Impressed by a child sporting ugg-boots in the heat. She must love them.
I could hear fireworks. But not see them. They must have been for the Lunar New Year…
The sky turned pink and wanted to rain. Only a few fat drops fell. Much to our relief.
A single teen defied her pack and stopped for aMoment.
Two rushing ladies gamble their time when they hear it’s our last night. I think they’re glad they did.
A lady in white rushed, but still smiled.umbrella
And a lovely woman confessed she could vividly remember being 8 herself and trying to envisage herself in 20 years time.
And finally an umbrella was held by a friend as the last audience member had her aMoment.
Thank you Perth.
There were many of you.
We’ve now read all your notes. All 228.
And had our aMoment being stopped by them.
You reminded us why this work should keep going.
Hope to see you again. Soon.
xx aMoment

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Perth’s Day 5

We had a wee hitch this day. It’s only happened twice.
And someone was able to save us. Phew.
No matter how many times we do the caravan, it’s always easy to forget something.
The first two were patient, calm and keen. They ate their dips and embraced their aMoment.
A head-scarfed Mama came to visit & left with smiles and giggles.
A lovely rainbow socked gent came and transferred henna from his leg onto a note for the caravan.
Two friends I’ve known for years. One for twenty even.
A jewelled eyebrowed lady.
Another that required glasses.
Someone semi-pushed into attending by their girlfriend.
A lady in blue and white with kind eyes.
We listened to a ukulele and it made our ears smile.
A man raved about a musical improvisation show with such vigour as his partner took aMoment.
A daughter dropped her mum off for aMoment. She was wary but delighted.
A few cheeky waves to little ones passing and peeking. Including a special pup called Holly.
A dapper man of orange and blue who revealed a smile.
A woman let her ice cream melt to listen better. She gave me a big hug afterwards and said:
“Don’t worry. I’m 48 and it’s wonderful.”
The best.
xx aMoment

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Perth’s Day 4

A steamy, steamy Perth night.img_0464
The kind that Tim Winton writes about.
We made some DIY aircon.
But, we may have used it more than our guests…
Helps to be local I guess.
A woman waited patiently reading her Fringe guide as others buzzed around her. Ready, she entered. And left with a hug.
A pregnant woman who grappled with the thought of her unborn child being 20 yrs old.
A patterned shirt that had travelled from Zanzibar shed a tear or two.
A returnee with her mother and sister who exclaimed their love for typewriters.
A golden-hearted spirit in a purple skirt came and had speckled eyes before she entered. She was beautiful and asked for more tissues before leaving.
A sceptic thespian sat and was semi-bullied into taking aMoment. He did and left with a warm smile and thanks.img_0471_day-4
A girl reached for her partners knee when she first heard the voice and looked into his eyes.
A man with green eyes and the warmest sense.
An eager beaver took his time listening outside and made us a heart that floated in the breeze.
Two friends who gratefully allowed the caravan to reside on their verge for a few months visited and finally found out what it was all about.
A big smile I haven’t seen in one of them for ages. Relief.
A woman who was nervous began crying before entering the caravan. A sensitive soul.
A handy fellow used his torch to read the notes as it got darker and darker.
And a sneaky last moment with a lady who wanted to dance with headphones on…but soon stopped when she began to listen.
And we finished early.
A wee bit sweaty but many a warm moments had.

xx aMoment

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Perth’s Day 3

A Tuesday.
After Monday’s day-off the artists and staff of fringe looked all Fresh.img_0446
Apart from some Blue Room staff – who we’d just like to do a shout out for doing all that they do for Summer Nights’ artists. Much. Love.
A few visitors post-work who were very welcome.
Two banana dressed ladies at different times. Both vivid.
A woman entered after her two children and needed a tissue at the end.
A singing gypsy with a jangling silver necklace had a play and remembered her past selves.
A couple unsure, but so glad they did stop in the end.
An elongated limbed inspirational friend with a beautiful smile folded himself elegantly into the caravan. We are so glad he made it.
A hug from a woman who laughed with surprise when she saw what was in the caravan.
Thank you we said, thank you for creating it a woman said.
We noticed the clock at PICA stopped at 6.35pm, which is when we changed performers.
A man patient, curious and warm pondered at the caravan for a while. We’re glad he came back later to experience it.
A man flipped off his “flintstones” which we thought was his name for flip flops. No, they had flintstones on them.
Three ladies, one brave, the other kind the last concerned and chose not to enter. I wish I’d been able to convince her.
A woman wriggled with excitement that she’d made it to the caravan after reading about it.
“Best 10 minutes I’ve had all day, all week, all month.” said a man.
Which brought a smile to our face.
See you for three more days Perth.
xx aMoment

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Perth’s Day 2

We started with a few familiar faces.img_0402
And an adventurous baby with a tee saying “roar!”.
A beautiful couple sat and waited quietly.
A girl with a long brown pony-tail who reflected me as an 8 yr old.
A man stopped in his tracks with his 6 month old. And we gratefully got a baby squeeze.
Two dogs visited. One stayed and demanded pats from strangers.
The sky was a beautiful blue, and the coolness of the eve relaxed everyone.img_0414
We spied another lady in white in the distance. Performing in a cheeky manner.
An articulate girl who ran urgently to performers passing by just to tell them she thought their costumes were cool.
An Irish guardian dragged into the caravan. But I think he was glad. His partner was touched too I think.
Parents really were today.
A little mouse hat visited.
And a brother and sister shared moment made us smile.
A strong hand hold from a lovely wide eyed man with curly wild hair.
And tears from a red-lipped friend.img_0415
A (real!) spider revealed himself from the feathers of the caravan and decided to move his home to further afield. Leaving his silky thread behind. I wonder how long the caravan had been his cosy home….
A lady with a name meaning “dream” needed an unexpected moment we think.
Thank you for the moments so far Perth. xx

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Perth’s Day 1.

Fringe World. What a Buzz.img_0361
This whole city appears to be in a good mood.
Shining sun. Sunset approaching.
Our first few hours were mighty beautiful.
And busy!
Plenty of children peeping inside.
And patience. Lots of patience.
Adults and children waiting together.
The adult often semi-bullied into waiting…but usually pleasantly surprised by their moment.img_0371
We love to watch a dad typing out their child’s words.
Bubble, a maybe 5 year old, introduced herself.
Named by her brother: a most determined attendee.
A maybe 8 year old’s dress matched our caravan.
And another girl dressed in pink, carefully persevered with the typewriter all on her ownsome.
A dear friend. And his friend. Warmth exuding.
A child echoed the girl’s intonation when she said “What shall we write?” which made us time travel and pause.
A father and daughter leant together while waiting for the rest.
And then the eve shifted. img_0390
The sun tucked itself into bed & people began stumbling across us.
A woman with pixie blue hair.
A woman with dry eyes held onto the moments.
A theatre friend paused and contemplated. And contemplated. And paused. And hugged.
And a man, who was most affected this eve I think, dried his eyes and asked to keep his moment. I hope he finds this and finds his in the archive.
Thank you Perth. Day 1 made us feel very glad we are back.
Xx aMoment

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