Perth’s Day 2

We started with a few familiar faces.img_0402
And an adventurous baby with a tee saying “roar!”.
A beautiful couple sat and waited quietly.
A girl with a long brown pony-tail who reflected me as an 8 yr old.
A man stopped in his tracks with his 6 month old. And we gratefully got a baby squeeze.
Two dogs visited. One stayed and demanded pats from strangers.
The sky was a beautiful blue, and the coolness of the eve relaxed everyone.img_0414
We spied another lady in white in the distance. Performing in a cheeky manner.
An articulate girl who ran urgently to performers passing by just to tell them she thought their costumes were cool.
An Irish guardian dragged into the caravan. But I think he was glad. His partner was touched too I think.
Parents really were today.
A little mouse hat visited.
And a brother and sister shared moment made us smile.
A strong hand hold from a lovely wide eyed man with curly wild hair.
And tears from a red-lipped friend.img_0415
A (real!) spider revealed himself from the feathers of the caravan and decided to move his home to further afield. Leaving his silky thread behind. I wonder how long the caravan had been his cosy home….
A lady with a name meaning “dream” needed an unexpected moment we think.
Thank you for the moments so far Perth. xx

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Perth’s Day 1.

Fringe World. What a Buzz.img_0361
This whole city appears to be in a good mood.
Shining sun. Sunset approaching.
Our first few hours were mighty beautiful.
And busy!
Plenty of children peeping inside.
And patience. Lots of patience.
Adults and children waiting together.
The adult often semi-bullied into waiting…but usually pleasantly surprised by their moment.img_0371
We love to watch a dad typing out their child’s words.
Bubble, a maybe 5 year old, introduced herself.
Named by her brother: a most determined attendee.
A maybe 8 year old’s dress matched our caravan.
And another girl dressed in pink, carefully persevered with the typewriter all on her ownsome.
A dear friend. And his friend. Warmth exuding.
A child echoed the girl’s intonation when she said “What shall we write?” which made us time travel and pause.
A father and daughter leant together while waiting for the rest.
And then the eve shifted. img_0390
The sun tucked itself into bed & people began stumbling across us.
A woman with pixie blue hair.
A woman with dry eyes held onto the moments.
A theatre friend paused and contemplated. And contemplated. And paused. And hugged.
And a man, who was most affected this eve I think, dried his eyes and asked to keep his moment. I hope he finds this and finds his in the archive.
Thank you Perth. Day 1 made us feel very glad we are back.
Xx aMoment

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Psst Perth.

Dear Perth,amoment-blue-room-intro-camerabagged
Remember when we came and dropped off 100 teacups for you? Up and down St George’s Tce?

Well. We’re back.
With the caravan.

You can find us for a single week in the Blue Room Front Yard.
It’s in the Perth Cultural Precinct – you know, that bit between the State Library, PICA and the carpark?

Dates: 21-22, 24-25, 27-28 January
Times: 4-9pm on weekends, 5-9pm on weekdays

Rock up anytime. It’s free.
We rotate people through one at a time & it lasts about 10min.
Earlier is likely to avoid queuing.
But a little sit is always nice too.

For further details and to peruse all the other delights at The Blue Room’s Summer Nights head here.

Can’t wait to share this with you Perth.

xx aMoment

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Very late but here at last.

We had a few technology hiccups, then got busy on other things.
And so we apologise for writing this post almost a month after it happenned.
Another two days at Summersalt. By the river.

The 14th. IMG_0089
Surrounded by cricketing fans unerring on their path.
Despite waves and smiles.
It was the couples walking against the swarm that stopped.
Hand in hand.
Sharing their aMoment.

A group of four girls were very inquisitive.
Three sat and chatted and laughed in the shade of the tree.
While one was brave and ventured inside.
IMG_0086 “She can tell us what it’s all about afterwards” they told me …

And the couples continued….
“Make sure he does it too” we were instructed via whisper.
A mother and daughter wearing beautiful skirts.
A woman pondering under a tree post-amoment gracefully laughed when she realised she’d become the object of a clown troupe’s attention.

And lastly, a Dad with big lace up boots and his bright eyed, golden haired children. They IMG_0114emerged, unfolding their limbs and smiling their smiles thanking us.
“my wife would love this”

Happy Valentines Day little caravan.

And then the 21st:
A lady from Chile who is becoming a citizen.
A woman with a paua she plans to necklace.
Patchwork boots belonging to a friend.
A poodle.
A lady with a blue top who likes wild art.IMG_0112
Leggings with records on them.
A big back pack belonging to a man who told us as a child he tried to play the drums, but it wasn’t his forte…

And then it rained.
Poured really. For a while.
Its the first time in two years we’ve had rain beyond a spit.
We’ve been pretty lucky that way.
But we did learn our tarp is a gem!
“its funny how there is a common theme in the notes about happiness and love for the future, and that we forget that in our day to day…”
“That’s just what I needed” as a lady stopped on her way to work.
“I wish I’d done this earlier so that I could have told my friends”

Until next time, world.
See you again soon.

xx aMoment.

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Summersalt-ed to our own reflection.

And out into 2015 we begin. IMG_0023_2
In Southbank. Where we started, actually.
It’s been 2.5 years since the caravan had it’s first outing.
I am no longer 28 actually.
But I like that this work has frozen me and this moment in time.

And it still resonates.
Tears were plentiful this weekend.IMG_0053_2
“I haven’t been to that part of myself for years”
Eyes searching.
Hearts crunching.

Sitting across from a Rhino on Saturday.
Along the river on Sunday.
A three year old runs around the caravan two, three times.
While his dad tries to imagine him at age 23.
Some stumble across us.IMG_0062_2
Few are brave.

We have a little home next to us.
These little houses spread across Melbourne remind us of Drop #1. That was even longer ago…

It’s the slowness we see.
The conversations.
The friends that stop.
The parents.IMG_0017_2
The children.
The odd person alone.

“Will the caravan exist in 20 years?” an 8 year old who would be 28  asked.

We hope we are.
We hope indeed.

xx aMoment

you can catch us over the next couple of weekends at Summersalt Festival too.

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Beautiful Edendale.

Up in Eltham. IMG_2430
With cows, horses, ducks, maggies, goats & sheep.
At The Practically Green Festival at Edendale.
Between sellers of honey, organics & eco-goodness.

Lots of little shoes, as we shared with families.
A bit slow to start, but then full-full as the day progressed.
Many dads wanting to talk about the work.IMG_2417
“It’s about stopping, isn’t it?”
“The future is big. And, well, scary.”
“My wife will love this. I’ll go find her.”
“That was beautiful. So special.”

There was also silence as people left.
And grinning teeth.
And little heads peeking in and out.
Word of mouth spread a little.
And many little ones found an adult so that they could go inside.
And towards the end a child with a perfect t-shirt visited.

On our breaks we wandered around and had out own moments under trees, watching lambs or eating well.
Thanks Edendale for having us.
It was a pleasure!

xx aMoment



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a-glow in Windsor.

IMG_2169The caravan had a little pre-Spring outing to Windsor as part of Glow Festival.IMG_2154IMG_2157 IMG_2179
Amidst the juice shops, circus acts & busy-ness we were tucked in Victoria St.

We were lucky to be there the two most summery days of winter.
Waving at hundreds of car drivers as they passed by – we were well-pointed and smiled at.
But, of course, it’s the ones that stop that provide the best moments for us.
A woman with blonde hair and a bouncy energy was our first visitor. Yellow tights and a bright smile she glowed as she came out.
Two best friends of about 10 decided they wanted to do it & snuck in while their carer was on the phone. (clever!)
But it was their carer who had tears welling when she got her chance.
Mickey and some bear ears waited outside.
A man meandering on his own entered and exited with little words, but appeared later with a hand-folded paper plane for us…his inner child woken…?
A small child with deep dark brown eyes that peered at our mask with wonder.
Two ladies that stumbled across us & were particularly moved. Tears and hugs a-plenty.

Day two was particularly sunny.
A few friends popped by. One had to stop clicking, another had to stash his skateboard.
A couple who had been told by their teenage son Chapel St wasn’t a place for them to hang out.  We had a good giggle at that.
A 20-something man who’d ummed and ahhed about going in. Then did and the smile he had afterwards blew us away.
A man of 27 from Belgium who sat and spoke for a-while. We mused on our careers (he – a pianist) and which paths to take.
And dogs. Lots of dogs.
We learnt Windsor has lots of dogs.

It spat with rain and we used our umbrellas for the first time.
It reminded us how old our caravan now is. Almost 2.
A tenth of 20 years has passed…
But, I’m not sure if we’ll ever get sick of sharing Drop #6 with new people…

xx aMoment


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