You found us.

 You found aMoment.

If you’ve done our caravan (aka Drop #6) please
1) find your shoes below and
2) visit here. The password is the age of the girl in the white dress.

We hope to stumble across you one day again.

xx aMoment

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Summersalt-ed to our own reflection.

And out into 2015 we begin. IMG_0023_2
In Southbank. Where we started, actually.
It’s been 2.5 years since the caravan had it’s first outing.
I am no longer 28 actually.
But I like that this work has frozen me and this moment in time.

And it still resonates.
Tears were plentiful this weekend.IMG_0053_2
“I haven’t been to that part of myself for years”
Eyes searching.
Hearts crunching.

Sitting across from a Rhino on Saturday.
Along the river on Sunday.
A three year old runs around the caravan two, three times.
While his dad tries to imagine him at age 23.
Some stumble across us.IMG_0062_2
Few are brave.

We have a little home next to us.
These little houses spread across Melbourne remind us of Drop #1. That was even longer ago…

It’s the slowness we see.
The conversations.
The friends that stop.
The parents.IMG_0017_2
The children.
The odd person alone.

“Will the caravan exist in 20 years?” an 8 year old who would be 28  asked.

We hope we are.
We hope indeed.

xx aMoment

you can catch us over the next couple of weekends at Summersalt Festival too.

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Beautiful Edendale.

Up in Eltham. IMG_2430
With cows, horses, ducks, maggies, goats & sheep.
At The Practically Green Festival at Edendale.
Between sellers of honey, organics & eco-goodness.

Lots of little shoes, as we shared with families.
A bit slow to start, but then full-full as the day progressed.
Many dads wanting to talk about the work.IMG_2417
“It’s about stopping, isn’t it?”
“The future is big. And, well, scary.”
“My wife will love this. I’ll go find her.”
“That was beautiful. So special.”

There was also silence as people left.
And grinning teeth.
And little heads peeking in and out.
Word of mouth spread a little.
And many little ones found an adult so that they could go inside.
And towards the end a child with a perfect t-shirt visited.

On our breaks we wandered around and had out own moments under trees, watching lambs or eating well.
Thanks Edendale for having us.
It was a pleasure!

xx aMoment



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a-glow in Windsor.

IMG_2169The caravan had a little pre-Spring outing to Windsor as part of Glow Festival.IMG_2154IMG_2157 IMG_2179
Amidst the juice shops, circus acts & busy-ness we were tucked in Victoria St.

We were lucky to be there the two most summery days of winter.
Waving at hundreds of car drivers as they passed by – we were well-pointed and smiled at.
But, of course, it’s the ones that stop that provide the best moments for us.
A woman with blonde hair and a bouncy energy was our first visitor. Yellow tights and a bright smile she glowed as she came out.
Two best friends of about 10 decided they wanted to do it & snuck in while their carer was on the phone. (clever!)
But it was their carer who had tears welling when she got her chance.
Mickey and some bear ears waited outside.
A man meandering on his own entered and exited with little words, but appeared later with a hand-folded paper plane for us…his inner child woken…?
A small child with deep dark brown eyes that peered at our mask with wonder.
Two ladies that stumbled across us & were particularly moved. Tears and hugs a-plenty.

Day two was particularly sunny.
A few friends popped by. One had to stop clicking, another had to stash his skateboard.
A couple who had been told by their teenage son Chapel St wasn’t a place for them to hang out.  We had a good giggle at that.
A 20-something man who’d ummed and ahhed about going in. Then did and the smile he had afterwards blew us away.
A man of 27 from Belgium who sat and spoke for a-while. We mused on our careers (he – a pianist) and which paths to take.
And dogs. Lots of dogs.
We learnt Windsor has lots of dogs.

It spat with rain and we used our umbrellas for the first time.
It reminded us how old our caravan now is. Almost 2.
A tenth of 20 years has passed…
But, I’m not sure if we’ll ever get sick of sharing Drop #6 with new people…

xx aMoment


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Tea to Ponder.

10294308_10152438673969801_3171730118632609356_nWhile we’ve been a-caravaning, a lady called Sarah has been dropping some teacups. 

Maybe you don’t know this, but we welcome others to do drops.

Sarah made some beautiful teacups filled with natives.10320405_10204033670028253_1946628700619651520_n

Have a little looksy at the facebook page to see people’s finds and comments. I think she made quite a few people quite happy….

aMoment passed on.
aMoment shared.
10174953_10152402253334323_8605536465739294910_naMoment pondered.

xx aMoment


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Our home: brunswick.

IMG_0846The caravan was born in a studio now demolished in Brunswick.
Salvaged wood from hard rubbish.
And the collection of white strewed on its streets & within our homes.

So. Glad we were to share it here.

It began playing with a child of about six. We mimicked each other and high fived before his tram arrived.
Our first guest was a snowpea.
And our second a tomato.
IMG_0849Then some adult and child pairs. The child dragging their parent inside.
One six yr old we know announced the caravan wasn’t very good, not big enough!
We agreed to let her design the next.

We received more waves from those safe in cars at the red light. I think they took the most photos too.

A women saw us from afar and made her way to us. I think she needed us today. She left with a heavy heart and hug. She was thinking of her niece…

A deep-thinking friend came. And my heart warmed.
A man decided to give me a spare akubra he had. I’m not sure why.
Four women stopped. Giggles and shyness, I think they were surprised the most. Delighted even.
I’m glad they stopped.

All in all most we’re pretty quiet as they came and went. I missed the natter of coburg and glenroy. It reminded me of the importance of slowing down and being. Which is what aMoment is all about…

Xx aMoment

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The poetic & wise in Glenroy.

glenroy renaeWe had to cancel Saturday due to the rainy rain.
But, boy, did we luck-in with the sunshine on Monday!
And, boy, didn’t Glenroy’s people charm us!

Before the caravan was even set up, there were people buzzying around wanting to get in.
Two women in burkhas were our first visitors.
The first woman was particularly moved. “God bless” she said as she left…
We knew from then on it was going to be a special day.
Then a woman on a bicycle decided to be late in favour of having a moment.
(hooray we said to ourselves)
She, a talker, told us her daughter studied circus and was now a hypnotherapist.
She also uttered the words “not on this earth” while listening to the first track…

IMG_08313 quiet children, 9, 10 & 13ish.
Home schooled & insightful. All responding with “that was awesome!” in chorus.
Then more children.
Alone and in pairs.
All very independent and their eyes a little wider as they left.

A 7yr old, who I’d misjudged & thought was older, revealed to me that she couldn’t read or write. Within the caravan I sat with her, reading the words of others & being her scribe.
She gave me my own moment, she did.

A man needed much persuasion to enter, then stayed within the longest of anyone.
His friend didn’t enter but we talked about travel and our favourite cities.
“I want to go to Paris. No one doesn’t like Paris,” he said.

A man from Vietnam wearing painting gear and blundstones exited & shook his head:
“within my culture, we reflect a lot. We do this all the time.” We continued talking and he said:
“What is the point? Why be rich, like a doctor? school then work hard. Why we do this? The planet could end. We die.”
“We are all brought up differently. We have different cultures, ways to be. But, we are the same too.”

IMG_0835And as it began to get darker and the moon watched over us.
A man from Papua New Guinea sat beside us.
He talked of work. Of time off.
And how his favourite thing to do was to get on any train and get off at a place he didn’t know and just explore….

Thank you Glenroy. you have been the most open and welcoming nook we’ve been to ever I think.

xx aMoment

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Hello Coburg.

IMG_0801Today we visited Coburg.
And my it was lovely.
It’s part of a little 3-day adventure we’re having in Moreland.
The mall in Coburg is a-wash with people from all walks of life.
But the thing they all have in common is: friendliness & curiosity.

I talked with an  Italian man for half an hour about nursing homes and growing old.
I lifted many-a-child from their pram into the caravan. IMG_0804
Two woman with three kids each, determined to experience it for themselves, as their toddlers stared in a gaze outside.
Two women in hijabs entered. We are so glad they felt welcome.
A few artists. A few council staff. Many a dazed exits.
Oh, and a koala up a tree.

One 5 yr old took my breathe away with his introspection. As he listened to the first track his eyes widened and I could see it was affecting him. IMG_0816
I think it may have been too much for him. His sensitivity aware of a sadness in the caravan.

Not many shoes were left outside. The coldness keeping them on.
It’s funny how that sometimes happens. It means there aren’t many to share.

Monday we are at Glenroy. We hope you stumble upon us.

xx aMoment

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