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 You found aMoment.

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(Particularly if you’ve had a moment in the caravan already)

We hope to stumble across you one day again.

xx aMoment

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We heart brunswick.

Set up on Sydney Road. Sunny from above and 5
Our home.
Here we were.
Just a few blocks from where our caravan was built, tucked a little bit in Merri St.
As the Sydney Road Festival kicked along in fine form.

Costumes galore.
Mini kites.
Our friends & community on stages.
Walking the street.
Painting faces.
And trawling the wears.

Peekers galore. (Mobbed might be the accurate description!)
The special stopping.
A woman with green glasses.
A man in a kilt.
Sparkles. Feathers. Costumes.
People with painted faces by children.
Dogs. And pats. And circles round the caravan.
Plenty of questions:
“Is this art?”
“Why a typewriter?”
“Is the person in there real? Oh yeah, she just moved.”
“Why aren’t people stopping? Why only taking photos? That’s not a moment!”
“Is it a dog massage parlour?”

But amidst the fun. There was the quiet.
The pensive.
The nostalgic.
The emotive responses.

Because that’s what aMoment does.

See you again soon Brunswick xx aMoment

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Carriageworks Day 3. (& goodbye sydney)

IMG_0009Before I tell you about aMoment. I want to tell you about our own moment  as we sat drinking coffee at carriageworks.
Opportunistic like I’ve never seen, a black lab of some mixed breeding waited at the glass doors.
He panted, grinning through the glass and looked like he was looking for his owners.
But I don’t think he was.
I think he wanted bacon.
As he somehow snuck in quietly.
Not once, but a few times.
Sitting next to, or following some stranger before someone shooed him outside.
He never stopped grinning.IMG_0036
And he never stopped trying.
I think this was what I needed to see this morning…

Today we missed the breeze.
Weather changes.
And so did the space without our lovely trickle of air.
There was a little wait for many visitors today.
And a few children. Ones that were quite insightful too: determined to go inside.
And one that was the most curious I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Full of questions, she patiently waited for the answers to reveal themselves.
IMG_0028We noticed a pair of thongs that didn’t quite match.
And peculiarly several people today asked about cleanliness of earphones (we DO clean them. promise.)
We met a  girl that matched our caravan. And had the most beautiful head piece we’d ever seen. She got it at So Frenchy So Chic. Perfect.
Our view out into the real world was quite picturesque today, framing people as they lay down, waited or played.
Lastly today a special family came. They’d seen us at Parramatta & were delighted to stumble across us again.
IMG_0017Gabriel (the son) took his time with his mum lying in the caravan…I was very glad noone waiting behind them, allowing them to take their time.

And now the caravan is on it’s way home.
Full of new words of wisdom, insight, humour and advice.
We cannot wait to read and share them.

Remember to look for them here * in February.
It will take a little while…
But Sydney, you were full of amazing people.
And I know these notes will be something a bit special.

xx aMoment

*the password is the age of the girl in the white dress…can you remember?

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Carriageworks Day 2.

We opened a little early by accident today. IMG_9991
But I’m glad we did.
As a family found us. And the daughter particularly was intrigued.
I think she liked it. Or at least, it made her feel something.
There was then a fairly long queue. And this always makes me nervous.
Because expectations always rise when there is a queue.
But the breeze of yesterday kept visiting us.
And I think those that sat were happy to just be away from the fray for a little.
Lots of lovely women in lovely dresses.
And shoes. Mucho shoe envy today.
We were visited by a friend we thought was still in Russia, which made our heart stop a little with surprise!IMG_9938
She had aMoment the very first or second day we existed. So it was very lovely to see her and for her to usher her friend into the queue.
A european man wasn’t going to sit and wait, but then became so intrigued he waited for us while we had our break.
A warm and kind theatre person came. He’s been lovely to us while we’ve been here at Carriageworks. We were very glad to share it with him.
A girl in her early twenties stumbled upon us and, although unsure at first, was thrilled to have happened upon us. I think she needed us today.
And the sun began to set.
And we ended our very full day.
Tomorrow is our last…
xx aMoment

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Carriageworks Day 1


Look at us!! Look how fancy we look under theatre lights and a black box!
Tucked away in Track 12 we are sitting as part of Sydney Festival.
And my, oh, my how beautiful it is to be there.
Next to a huge door, overlooking the architecture of Carriageworks.
With a cool summer breeze that slips all into a reverie.
Our space is quiet. Meditative. And oh, so, perfect for aMoment.


As has become a tradition at Sydney Festival, we were accidentally welcomed with something white. This time, a balloon that must have escaped the hand of a child in The Piper we think…

We started slowly. Most determined to sit and wait and enter.
Which always makes us happy.
A lady gave us a hug early on. She must have needed us.
Two of our special friends popped in.
And a complete family waited patiently. Their eldest son I think was a little worried about going alone. I hope he enjoyed it.
moonWe learnt that people with hearing aids can still do the experience. And he found it “very meditative.”
A man with olive skin and a deepness within.
A woman who’d been walking, walking, walking. Who was flustered about many-a-thing and I hope found her moment.
And lastly a couple. Who were exploring, and found us.
And we watched the window and light move through twilight.
And two pigeons, pose in various nooks of the building across.
And felt that beautiful breeze that took us back to childhood.
But watching the moon rise.
Having the time to watch the moon rise.
Was quite something.

xx aMoment

ps we’re here the whole weekend. pass it on. xx

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aMoment in Parra.

Our debut in Sydney. IMG_9828
Along a little river with ducks.
Stumbled upon by those at the Sydney Festival Parra Opening Party.
We found a nest as we arrived, and rather perfectly it has white objects within.
We thought it a good omen.

We began. And children flocked quite fast.
“I think she’s a bird” one boy whispered as he heard a hello.
There were so many patient children.
Of note: a girl with silver party shoes, one with curly red hair, another of Indian descent and a thoughtful American girl who told me she “was just watching”.

IMG_9830We stopped to watch ukelele’s played by 4 boys of about 12 and a trumpeting girl of about 10.
They delighted their audience, and wowed me with their self-written lyrics.
Some boys even got up to dance. That was a lovely moment.

We smelt the wet river.
And the smoke of pyrotechnics as Box Wars took place.
And we felt like Shaun Tan’s water buffalo as we pointed out to many where the giant duck was.

We got a little overwhelmed by the crowd.
It’s hard when things begin to get noisy for our lady in white to stay calm.
But she kept going.
And learnt that clear queues are quite vital.

We had the quiet. And the loud enter.
Many children clung onto their parent’s hand.
Two children even brought back their other parent and insisted they have aMoment too.

But the two that stole our heart were a mother and child who perservered with their letter writing. And when we realised the typewriter had eaten their note.
They wrote it by hand.
And we shed a tear….

fave note

Thank you Parra. You were quite the challenge, but also quite amazing.
xx aMoment

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Falling for The Village.

Our first big multi-day music festival!IMG_9551
What a beautiful set-up Falls is.
Forest to calm. Birds to wake us up.
And The Village for moments away from the fray.
Which was (of course) where we were.

There was lots of peeking. And patiently waiting.
Under a beautiful sculpture that we became quite attached to as we watched it ebb and flow with the wind.
We were visited by a blue bird each day.
IMG_9544Which was a bit perfect.
We admired sparkly socks, dotted faces and flowers hair rings.
We’ve never seen so many jellies and docs since the 90s.
Watched acrobats, biscuit readings, brass bands and costumes emerge out of a tent.

The first day we had a lot of quiet exits.
But the words written were quite amazing.
The second people wanted to ask and talk about it.
One boy even returned to be shown how to use the typewriter as he wanted to write so much.
IMG_9608In the evening we were a little nervous. But there was no need. We had quite a few hugs, laughs and even helped a (mock) proposal happen.
And on the last day we had all these people being sent to us by their friends.
Which let us know that it had been a success.
A favourite even.

Thank you Village. And Falls. For letting us come play.
xx aMoment

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Final day in Wodonga.

Beside a cafe.IMG_9209
Under a tree. That seemed like it was crying, as it continued to drip drops of water or diluted sap on us all day.
If anyone can tell us what sort of tree it was, we’d be most appreciative.

A child peeked inside and stated it inside was a piano computer.
A woman came hunting for us. And another. And another.
A deaf lady came came and peered inside, full of wonder.
A teenage girl came and spent a good while writing as she grappled with the typewriter. Her words made us shed a tear.IMG_9220
Her mum listened to the track but didn’t enter. She spoke to those wondering past though, and brought back another young girl to experience it too.
They were lovely to meet. And fed us some sour worms.
A man curious and brave who was warm with tourrette syndrome. He explained he’d had it since he was 14 and how exhausting it was. We can only imagine.

Our time in Wodonga was welcoming. We’ve never had such a variety of people enter the caravan. This felt humbling.
Their notes are now photographed and archived for those to see here.
(remember, the password is the age of the girl in white.)

We hope to take our little caravan to more country towns.

xx aMoment

*oddly many more attended but didn’t take off their shoes today….
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